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Tips on cleaning & maintaining your flooring

If you’ve decided to have your house fitted with laminate flooring, it is highly recommended that you know how this particular type of flooring should be taken care of over the years. Laminate flooring is highly popular due to its practical nature. It doesn’t require any advanced technical skills to install, so it’s easy to see why a lot of people would choose it for their home. It saves up a lot of money, because laminate flooring is usually much cheaper than hardwood flooring, for example. At the same time, in our day and age you can easily find laminate flooring to fit any decorative style. All this considered the same can be said about the maintenance of such flooring. It only comes down to a few basic principles, that, when applied, will ensure a lengthy lifespan of your laminate flooring.
First and foremost, water should be taken into consideration. Most laminate floors do not have special protective coatings (which decrease water damage). As such, you should take extra care not to use water when cleaning it, unless you are certain that your specific type of laminate flooring is capable of handling it. Otherwise, the planks will become bent and misshapen over time. The water is partially absorbed by the flooring and it gives the planks a malleable property – thus, when the water evaporates, you end up with planks that do not fit together any more or other such issues. To make sure your flooring can be cleaned using water, check your local laminate flooring shop, or consult a specialist. Even if a water-resistant coating is protecting your floors, you should still make sure not to use too much water, as the coating itself may wear off over time. The correct way to clean laminate flooring requires the usage of a vacuum cleaner, a dust mop, or cleaning it with cloth fabric (again, not wet). Yes, it’s that simple. There is an exception: you can use hot water to wipe your floors (but you should not do so very often, once every other month is enough), but afterwards you must use a dry mop, so as to not allow the water to sit too much on the surface of your floors. In other words, you should not let it dry out when it comes to laminate floors.
Another important thing to take into consideration when maintaining your flooring is how sensitive it can be to scratches. Make sure you always use soft fabrics and that you’re not pressing down too hard on the floors while cleaning them, to avoid any damage; also, if you’re using a vacuum cleaner, use it without the beater bar. Laminate flooring can become quite ugly if it acquires scratches over time!
If you need to clean marks on your floors that won’t simply be wiped away by a cloth mop, you should be on the lookout for products that can be used on laminates. Of course, there are a multitude of options available when it comes to shopping for cleaning products. However, most of the time you won’t need to waste your money on them, since a lot of these types of marks can be cleaned with a bit of ingenuity. Creating a solution of vinegar & water is something anyone can do – just take a bucket or other such recipient and fill it with three parts water and one part vinegar. Stains such as mud, dried out liquids (beer or juice for example), shoe marks – all of them can be cleaned with such a solution. Be sure to use a bottle with a spray cap, in order to ensure once again that you won’t use too much liquid on the floors. As before, use the same type of soft cloth to clean the dirty areas, as well as making sure to use a dry piece of cloth or a mop to clean the leftover water. On the other hand, there are indeed marks and spills that can only be cleaned using special products. You should investigate what type fits your flooring best before you spend.
As with anything, if you simply inform yourself before heading out to buy expensive products that might not even end up helping you, you will end up saving some money!