Laying The Right Foundations

When creating any house there are many factors to consider if you want to create the perfect project, and quality of material is key to achieve the results you want strive to meet. There are many elements to be considered when designing a room, and it has been scientifically proven that the floor makes up 60% of a first impression of new buyers walking into a room. Many people are going for laminate flooring as it provides a cleaner and more hygienic surface, which is perfect for children and pets. Carpets are still popular as they provide a luxurious and more comfortable surface for all users. However research did a study and found the best carpets Cardiff had to offer was the best in the of the UK, and their quality and high density carpets were hard wearing and incredibly durable.




  1. Lenna Tale

    Which is more costly carpets or lamination?

  2. Louise Johnsons

    I used to use carpet for my house but I think lamination is better than it.

  3. Wally Lesly

    Carpet is good if you don’t have pets at home.


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