Laminate Basement Flooring Installation

Plastic Sheet Test –  Cut plastic garbage bags into square and tape them to the floor in various places. Leave it for 3 days and after those days, lift the square and check the liquid accumulated the bottom of the floor. Otherwise, the floor maybe too moist for laminate installation.

Prepare – Only install the laminate on a concrete sub floor that was poured 60 days or more. Also, keep the environment steady at 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, with 35% to 50% humidity or less for a minimum of 15 days after to the days when the job was done.

Humidity – To deal with fluctuations in heat and humidity, the temperature should be full control before installing the laminate.

Installation Procedure – Start by sealing the concrete surface with chemical sealing agent that will create barrier between the base of the laminate and any ground water that may seep up over time.

Then lay 6mm plastic moisture barrier underlayment to protect the material. During the installation follow the step provided by the manufacturer so that it will be installed correctly.



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    Thanks a lot for this information. I really need this step for installment.


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