Rules when sanding timber and other woods

You should never use worn sandpaper when sanding timber as it is a cutting tool and it will not cut. Professionals say that most sandpapers are good for 4 minutes of continuous sanding. The abrasive on modern high quality sandpaper fractures as it is used. Coatings on these papers help prevent clogging of the abrasive with dust, therefore modern high quality sandpaper gives the best results.

You should always keep the sandpaper moving continuously on the wood, by holding the sandpaper stationary it will cause grooves to appear in the wood. It also changes the shape of the wood unintentionally. Dust will also buildup between the sandpaper and the wood, which prevents wood abrasion and generates more heat.

You should never use sandpaper to shape wood as different areas of wood abrade in different ways.

Sanding generates dust, which can build up between the sandpaper and the wood so you should clean the sandpaper frequently.  Constantly move the sandpaper to free dust. You should occasionally clean it with a crepe block. Discard paper immediately if the dust caramelises. Remove the dust from the wood between each grit. You should also remove the dust from the wood after every grit as it can scratch the wood and prevent the effect of using a finer grit abrasive. The dust packed in the open grain often appears as fine white lines in the wood, you  can be prevent this by using compressed air to remove dust rather than wiping away dust.

In order to get the results you are looking for, choosing the right sander for the job is fundamental. Manual sanding by hand is best for all small, intricate projects and hard-to-reach areas. Orbital or palm sanders are best for large, flat surface areas such as tables and benches. A powerful belt sander would be perfect for a basketball court or large-scale wood floor refinishing job

Most Durable Wood Laminate Flooring

Solid wood

This type of wood offers natural feel and look,and can be refinished as many times you want. This also offers a rustic looks and includes bamboo type of wood.


A tough and durable for your floor. This looks more like a stone or wood.


Engineered wood

This offers the same natural and warm look like a solid wood and much less cost. This can be floated without fasteners or glue.




It just like natural materials and can also be floated. This is the wear for stains resistance and changes of color by sunlight.



Like stone and vinyl materials, but this is made from bark tree and linseed oil. It has superb resistance like stains, scratches and sunlight fades.



Ceramic tile

Since ancient time this type of material was been used, especially for kitchens. This comes from variety of shapes, colors which corresponds to its prices.



The Effect of Wood Tiles for Floors

Vintage Wood

This Style will create a vintage effect on the floors along with the walls.

Rectified Tiles

A type of wood tiles that make a perfect wood floor effect. The tiles are precise as they are mechanically cut in order for them exactly fit each other.


Recycled Wood

Even though recycled wood are not much durable like to a new one. As it is literally recycled, but it gives a beauty like the cracks and crevices are nothing.


Zebra wood

This gives a totally different effect, aside that this is unique, it creates an amazing style that comes from the illuminating shades of the wood.

Hardwood or laminates?

When you want to update your home, or have another reason for changing the flooring in a house, it is often that you’re faced with the dilemma of picking between laminate or hardwood. There are many differences between the two types of flooring, and it can help to know the key ones when planning such a change.

Main differences:

    1. Solid hardwood flooring is the closest to the trees you’
      ll get when it comes to
      flooring. The planks are produced from single, big pieces
      of wood and they come in
      a large variety, and can be found available even unfinished.
    2. Engineered hardwood flooring is somewhere in between. The
      planks of this type of
      flooring consist of several layers made out of wood or plywoo
      d. There are different
      engineering techniques, but many also have a special top layer,
      consisting of a sawn wood lamella. Engineered hardwood is
      prefinished when you buy it.
    3. Laminate flooring is completely synthetic. Its design i
      s meant to imitate actual wood.
      However, the core of this flooring is created from melami
      ne resin or fiber board
      material. Laminate flooring usually has a top layer that is a
      ctually an impinted
      texture, to make it look like real wood.

Ecological Appeal:

  1. Solid hardwood, and engineered hardwood are both organic. Single
    pieces of woodmake up the planks of these types of flooring
    –or several pieces, in the case of engineered floors. However, since they are natural, they
    have a larger impact on the planet’s forests. Since it takes up a lot more wood to produce
    these types of floors,you might want to reconsider if you want to place them in your home.
  2. Laminate flooring is hardly organic. Of course, it’s still made out of wood, but the
    process of manufacturing this type of flooring consists of bonding composite
    materials, along with the melamine resin. Along with this, consder the fact that many
    manufacturers choose to use cheaper adhesives to cut back on the costs. These glues
    can sometimes be harmful even after production has ended.

To conclude the ecological perspective – when buying flooring, no matter the type, try to strike a balance between going natural and being eco-friendly. The two are not interchangable, since natural wood can also have a detrimental impact on the environment. Research the manufacturer well before you commit to remodeling your home.


The main aesthetic difference between the two types is in the texture first and foremost. The wood grain in hardwood floors is characterized by uniqueness – no two hardwood planks (solid or engineered) will look the same, since the patterns and the look of it is not artificial. On the other hand, laminate flooring only imitates how wood looks, which makes it fall far behind in terms of how ‘real’ it feels. The texture of laminate flooring is smooth, while the appearance is an imprinted pattern to make it look wood-like. Since it’s imprinted, however, the patterns are designed, and therefore most laminate planks will end up looking almost identical. That’s not to say that laminate floors can’t be pretty – the latest developments in this type of flooring have reached a point where even experts can be fooled on a first glance.

To conclude, the differences between the two become obvious after you research a bit. Before committing to a choice, make sure you research the manufacturer, as well as the type of materials that make up your flooring.

So many to choose from!

background-84678_1280As many of you will know, laminate flooring comes in many designs, patterns, colours, materials and so on. If you are looking for a Oak, Chestnut, Maple, Pine, etc you will find they are not cheap. However the great thing about laminate is not only does it look great and is easy to fit, but it is also incredibly cheap compared to the solid oak. Of course, you will not be able to match the quality of wood you would get if you sourced your wood from a lumber, however laminate provides the closest thing to it!

You can source your laminate from many of the big realier stores, such as Wickes, Travis Perkins, B & Q, Romford Locks and so on. However you are better off looking for local businesses who are likely to give you more materials for your money. Small companies will always have scraps and offcuts, which they have no use for and will be willing to give it away, if you shop with them. The wood will be better quality and you will be helping a local business in the process!

Laying The Right Foundations

When creating any house there are many factors to consider if you want to create the perfect project, and quality of material is key to achieve the results you want strive to meet. There are many elements to be considered when designing a room, and it has been scientifically proven that the floor makes up 60% of a first impression of new buyers walking into a room. Many people are going for laminate flooring as it provides a cleaner and more hygienic surface, which is perfect for children and pets. Carpets are still popular as they provide a luxurious and more comfortable surface for all users. However research did a study and found the best carpets Cardiff had to offer was the best in the of the UK, and their quality and high density carpets were hard wearing and incredibly durable.