Monthly Archive: June 2017

Most Durable Wood Laminate Flooring

Solid wood

This type of wood offers natural feel and look,and can be refinished as many times you want. This also offers a rustic looks and includes bamboo type of wood.


A tough and durable for your floor. This looks more like a stone or wood.


Engineered wood

This offers the same natural and warm look like a solid wood and much less cost. This can be floated without fasteners or glue.




It just like natural materials and can also be floated. This is the wear for stains resistance and changes of color by sunlight.



Like stone and vinyl materials, but this is made from bark tree and linseed oil. It has superb resistance like stains, scratches and sunlight fades.



Ceramic tile

Since ancient time this type of material was been used, especially for kitchens. This comes from variety of shapes, colors which corresponds to its prices.