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Fitted Bedrooms, Yay or Nay?


There has been a bit of debate going on with me and my friend lately as to whether he should get a fitted bedroom installed in his bedroom. He’s looking for a solution to have some sliding wardrobe doors put in as well as a fitted desk built onto the side. The only real thing that is stopping him doing it is the cost. He was quoted a variety of different prices from a few different companies. The prices ranged from between £1200-£3600, big difference I know.

So let’s ignore cost for the moment, as it is what is is. Let’s look at some other reasons whether a fitted bedroom may be of use:

  1. They look good. It’s a made to measure service, meaning all of the furniture is the exact size it needs to be for the room. This means no empty space is wasted.
  2. The general finishing of the products used are generally quite high quality.
  3. Bespoke to your fashion. Whether it’s an oak look or a modern look you are going for, it can be built just for you

There are also some negatives to fitted bedrooms:

  1. The service can take time, you have to get somebody to come out and measure your room.
  2. The furniture then needs to be manufactured to your specifications which can take weeks.
  3. The furniture then needs to be properly installed by a professional to make sure everything is secured.
  4. Mistakes can happen and your made to measure furniture actually may not fit, giving more time for alterations.

Sliding wardrobe doors can be a great addition to a bedroom allowing more space to use for other things. Overall we believe that if a fitted bedroom is within your budget then go for it, but make sure to choose a reputable company such as Reflectalux Interiors.

Edit: In the end he went with it for a cost of £2000. Hurray!

So many to choose from!

background-84678_1280As many of you will know, laminate flooring comes in many designs, patterns, colours, materials and so on. If you are looking for a Oak, Chestnut, Maple, Pine, etc you will find they are not cheap. However the great thing about laminate is not only does it look great and is easy to fit, but it is also incredibly cheap compared to the solid oak. Of course, you will not be able to match the quality of wood you would get if you sourced your wood from a lumber, however laminate provides the closest thing to it!

You can source your laminate from many of the big realier stores, such as Wickes, Travis Perkins, B & Q, Romford Locks and so on. However you are better off looking for local businesses who are likely to give you more materials for your money. Small companies will always have scraps and offcuts, which they have no use for and will be willing to give it away, if you shop with them. The wood will be better quality and you will be helping a local business in the process!

Achieving top results fast!

When designing and building a room, time is always a costly thing to take into consideration. However doing some bits yourself will mean you will save more money on labour and services even though it make take abit longer to reach the final product. Laminate flooring requires no glue or clamps and it similar to a big puzzle, and is renowned for being easy to fit regardless of your DIY experience or skills in this area of work. This video shows you the simplicity of fitting laminate flooring and the highly successful result it makes to a room.

This post was brought to you by Mike from Wood Flooring Cardiff.

Laying The Right Foundations


When creating any house there are many factors to consider if you want to create the perfect project, and quality of material is key to achieve the results you want strive to meet. There are many elements to be considered when designing a room, and it has been scientifically proven that the floor makes up 60% of a first impression of new buyers walking into a room. Many people are going for laminate flooring as it provides a cleaner and more hygienic surface, which is perfect for children and pets. Carpets are still popular as they provide a luxurious and more comfortable surface for all users. However research did a study and found the best carpets Cardiff had to offer was the best in the of the UK, and their quality and high density carpets were hard wearing and incredibly durable.